Massage Profile of the week : Barbara Miller – Massage San Diego, Ca

Barbara Miller LMT
“Feel good in your body – Feel good in your life” 

Barbara offers a special blend of Swedish, Thai & LomiLomi massage to help ease aches and pains and bring the body and mind back into balance. Her focus is on pain and stress relief. Barbara creates sessions that significantly reduce or eliminates pain and helps the nervous system relax so that the body can heal itself more naturally.

Barbara currently operates her own practice Barbara Miller Massage Therapy out of San Diego, California and makes outcalls. Please view booking procedures and policies at

“I’m melting.  I feel so peaceful and content.  Thank you so much.  That was a pure work of art.” -Michael.

“I am a very picky massage recipient. I have experienced some of the best massages from all over the world.  When I got my first Thai Massage from Barbara, I was ecstatic!  She is intuitive, holistic, and exceptionally talented.  I would recommend Barbara to anyone!” – S

“Barbara’s caring for her work and passion for what she contributes to her clients is evident in how she provides services.  She spends the time she needs and I have appreciated that attention she pays to my massage needs.”  – Nancy

To contact Barbara for massage see her legit profile

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