Paul Lofgreen (Henderson, NV) – Massage Therapist of the Week

Paul Lofgreen, CLMT, BSBA

Specializing in Therapeutic Massage Modalities”

Paul Lofgreen - Henderson NV

Paul graduated at the top of his class from Nevada School of Massage Therapy. The proprietor of Mountain Top Wellness Center in Henderson, Nevada, he offers high quality massage for simple relaxation and pain alleviation. He is skilled in Sports Massage, Pre and Post-natal Massage, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Cranial Sacral Therapy and a host of other techniques and modalities.

Paul is a Certified Chi-To-Be! Experience Coach and an accomplished Aromatherapist.

Nationally Certified by the NCTMB, Paul is licensed in the State of Nevada, Clark County,Las Vegas City, and Henderson.

I can honestly say Thank you. I am not saying he healed me, but I am saying he knew what to do and how to help me. As long as I keep up the exercise He implemented I have not had a recurrence.” Ethel P

I had pain in my shoulder for almost a year, nothing took it away. After a massage session with Paul the pain was gone and has been for over two months now! I can sleep again without waking up with my arm numb! “ ML

My Chiropractor recommended I see a Massage Therapist to help with my “frozen shoulder”. After just one session with Paul I now have increased mobility. “ JY

Being a MOM can be stressful. When my stress is up my children get the brunt of it. Paul makes the stress disappear and my children benefit. “ RG

After a 10 minute session at a Senior Health Event, “You are not a massage therapist, you are a healer. It takes one to know one.” Anonymous

The Sports Massage has increased my mobility and I can play better on the football field. “ JB

I recently had instructions from Paul concerning my sciatic nerve. I truly was in pain for over a 2 week period. Paul, gave me 3 simple exercises to do to relieve the pain and to practice. It took 4 days for the pain to be gone. But It did go away. He also instructed me to be calm and to practice a better state of relaxing when I can. “


To contact Paul for massage see his profile

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