Massage Therapist of The Week : Celeste Magnuson (Fort Collins, Co)

Celeste Magnuson, CMT

rejuvenate. nourish. cleanse”

Celeste, owner of Living Arts Wellness in Fort Collins, Colorado, trained at the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado in Denver. Her therapeutic work focuses on wellness through lifestyle and a simple belief… rejuvenate the body with massage therapy, give the body the nutrients it needs, and clear away the waste allowing the body to heal itself. Living Arts Wellness offers myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue massage, joint mobilization, and Swedish massage that assists with chronic and acute pain issues.

Celeste furthermore received a certification as a Living Foods Lifestyle educator at the Ann Wigmore Institute in Aguada, Puerto Rico. Her holistic wellness philosophy also includes cleansing and detoxification, and she is an I-ACT instructor level colon hydrotherapist and nationally certified as a massage therapist. Celeste enjoys supporting her clients in their transformation and teaching them how to create lives of health and ease.

In my estimation, Celeste is one of the most outstanding health professionals that I have had the opportunity to be treated by. I found her to be very professional. Celeste is knowledgeable and thorough. Being a Medical Qigong Practitioner and Energy Healer myself, I have had the opportunity to experience many health professionals and would rank Celeste one of those at the top of her field. Her knowledge on subjects such as massage therapy, raw foods, colon hydrotherapy and other health disciplines is vast. I highly recommend anyone to use Celeste’s services as her Center is grounded and founded in Integrity.”

– Dr. Geoffry G. Hirose

I have been battling a long time illness and Celeste has been a tremendous part of my healing process. She has been so patient with me and taken the time to understand what it is that I need from each session. Her professionalism is uncanny and much appreciated given the circumstances. She has a plethora of knowledge and is always ready to share any ideas with me in order to help me achieve better health.”

-Amy L.

To contact Celeste for massage see her profile

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