Lisa Buschlen (Altamonte Springs, FL) is our Massage Therapist Of The Week !

Lisa Buschlen, LMT

Therapeutic Massage Serving Orange & Seminole Co.”


Lisa is a graduate of Florida College of Natural Health and is Nationally Certified and licensed in the state of Florida. Performing out calls only in the Greater Orlando, Florida area through Altamonte Mobile Massage, her focus is on therapeutic and rehabilitative massage.

In addition to mobile massage, Lisa works at a chiropractor’s office, and is in school full-time, working towards a Masters in Physician’s Assistant. Lisa is currently certified in Integrative Pregnancy Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and Myofascial Release.

Lisa is a highly skilled massage therapist, customizing every session and ensuring that the pressure level is appropriate throughout the massage. The mobile service is very convenient, and with the heated, comfortable table it’s just as effective as having a massage at a spa or set business location. I would highly recommend Altamonte Mobile Massage.”


I want to thank you for your professional help in eliminating my lower back pain. It has been a pleasure knowing when I was stressed and my muscles were tight with your magic massage relief was possible. I have been a customer of Altamonte Mobile Massage for two years and would highly recommend your service to anyone. Whether it’s just for relaxation, tension, back pain, etc. a massage is the solution.”


To contact Lisa for massage see her profile

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