Mary Helen Thorne (Staunton, VA) is our Massage Therapist Of The Week

Mary Helen Thorne CMT

Certified Massage/ Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapist”

Mary Helen graduated from Virginia School of Massage and is owner of Health Impact in Staunton, Virginia. Nationally Certified and Licensed by the State of Virginia and City of Staunton, she offers Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork which includes Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage as well as Paraffin Foot Wraps, Body Polish and Yoga services.

Mary Helen is AMTA insured. Additionally, she graduated from Bridgewater College with a Bachelors in Science while majoring in Athletic Training.

I am a physician, and previously, I did not believe that medical massage could have lasting impact on health. I had received just a few massages in my life, and the long term effects were not spectacular. I received a gift certificate for a massage with Mary Helen. The difference in my chronic pain seemed miraculous even several days after that first massage. Now, with regular medical massages, my chronic back pain, plantar fasciitis, and temporomandibular joint pain have all radically improved. Because I now have less pain on a day to day basis, my emotional outlook on life is better, too.”


We were recommended to Mary Helen by a coworker. My husband had neck pain, shoulder pain, and headaches. I had severe back pain. My husband went there first, and loved it! He was excited to finally have relief from the pain that nagged him all the time and the headaches went away. That made me decide to give her a chance. At my appointment, Mary Helen offered to massage me with her feet, which sounds a little crazy, but was worth it. I was use to the “fluff and buff” massages – those massages where you can barely tell anyone has touched you, and you left feeling just as bad as when you arrived. When Mary Helen started working, she really dug down deep and got to the root of my issues. She was very in tune with my needs, and when she got to a sensitive area, she would lighten the pressure to what felt comfortable. The work she did in one hour took the place of several Chiropractor visits. She even showed me some stretches I could do on my own to help alleviate the problem I was having. Her motto is “whatever you are comfortable with”. I can’t wait to schedule another appointment with Mary Helen, and I am recommending her to all my friends!”

-Kerri F.-

To contact Mary Helen for massage see her profile

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