Dell Fisher (Somerville, Ma) Massage Therapist of the Week

Dell Fisher LMT, AOBTA-CP

“Poet of the Body, Mind, and Spirit”

Dell is a licensed massage therapist and certified Zen Shiatsu practitioner. He operates BLUE LOTUS Bodywork & Massage at two separate locations in Somerville, Massachusetts and has been engaged with bodywork for over a decade. A graduate of the Boston Shiatsu School, Dell offers Traditional Chinese Medicine and Asian Therapeutic Bodywork services including Shiatsu, Tui-Na, Sotai, Thai Yoga Massage/Bodywork and Shinkiko Energy work with his wife, Suzan Baltozer-Fisher.

Dell is a Shiatsu Instructor and Teaching Assistant in Oriental Bodywork at the New England School of Acupuncture and with his wife holds seminars and workshops that enable people to playfully access their own innate healing powers in the shamanic arts.

In addition to TCM practice, Dell continues to study Matrix Energetics and Cranial-Sacral Therapy.

Dell’s treatments are intuitive and effective. His treatments last quite a while and are more powerful than any type of massage I’ve ever had.”
-Linda S-

Dell has taken care of most of the members of my family. He is passionate, caring, and professional in his work. I highly recommend Dell for any ailments, problems, pain, or if you just want to feel better and relaxed.”
-Cathy M.-

To contact Dell for massage see his profile

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